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Hello visitors, I am Anuragpreet singh the director of this website called Modified games vlog. We are providing the official,popular and latest hacks and Mod Game's Reviews and download links for Android users specially.You can check the detailed information about latest Modified games and get share links to Download Them easily.

    Ways to provide the Android Mod game's reviews and download links:-

    Actually, Their are two specific ways that I used to provide reviews and download links of modified games and apps in our website posts. Which include a game play's video and a direct text (written paragraph) method. In the Video method you can watch our live game play of that specific mod. By watching this, You can easily find the features and  other information about hack mods without downloading them. On the other hand, written reviews are also available on our website to read about posted items. But, suggest you to play videos to directly see the features about the file that you are going to get from our share button and this method is time consuming and full of knowledge in detailed features and also include some entertainment with live game play of our players of that file.

    How to download Mods from our Game Review posts:-

    Their is a Green colored "Download" button is available at last of our every gaming related post. When you find that then, click on that button to access that shared file link that you wants to get direct from our google drive account. My advice is to use Android smartphone while you make a visit on our site to search for Mods and get Reviews about them. Because, we are providing only Android Mods and a google gmail account is also necessary to get access of our file sharing link. Unfortunately, we don't have to much storage capacity on our website due to low budget issue. That was why, I am using Google drive File share link to tell you about which application I am used in The review video. 

    Our personal Content:-

    Our website doesn't prefer to hire any private author. All the videos and text based content is based on my personal openion and knowledge and their are no chances to hire author and other content providers in future and made some changes in our policies.Every image and Mod apk's icons are edited by our team.All the personal details of our team was hide from our website due to some security reasons.But, We don't have any authority of apps and Mod games that we are providing in our sharing links. These all are provided to you for get the same Mod file as that I used in in my review videos.The purpose of providing google drive Sharing link is that, Their are lot of fake stuff available online. So, I don't wants to send my visitors on the wrong paths to waste their time. So, I am using Google drive To share Apps and Games to you directly on your demands.

    How to get contact us and get help:-

    A contact us page is also available on our website menu list. Their are various types of Methods are given to contact us with direct or indirect way. If you have any Question and needs any type of my help on our website you can use them. However, I advised you to use contact form to send direct message to us for quick action by using your email address. Otherwise, we also added some social media accounts on that page. Which must be the secondary option for help. We are replying our visitors just within 2 hours. While, they have used Contact form rather than social media. Because, In our social accounts their may be chances to get no reply due to the ignorance of some notifications between lack of messages on busy days.

    We are Now on some social media platforms:-

    Now days, we are highly active on our social media pages and accounts. From which, Facebook,Twitter and YouTube are our main platforms. However, we also provide our WhatsApp and Telegram group links on our contact page.

    Website owner and personal details.

    We clearly mentioned that, we are hiding our team personal details due to security issues. That's not meaning That you does not have rights to see that details. We mentioned that details on our social pages.

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