Hungry Shark Revolution Hack mod Apk with Unlimited coins and Gems is Available to download

Title :- Modified Hungry shark Evolution hack mod.

Size :- 97.86 MB. 

Resources :- Unlimited Golden coins and Green Gems.

Graphics and resolution Quality :- Good. 

Errors :- none.

List of  unlocked Sharks :-

  1. Reef 
  2. Mako
  3. Hammerhead
  4. Tiger
  5. Great white 
  6. Megalodon
  7. Big Daddy
  8. Mr. Snappy
  9. Alan
  10. Moby dick
  11. Leo
  12. Nessie
  13. Sharkgira
  14. Abysshark
  15. Kraken

Unlocked Monsters :-

  1. Electroshark (It can prey with electric shocks.)
  2. Ice shark (which can freeze prey with super freeze breath while boosting.)
  3. Robot shark (it is able to turn mines into missiles and flies with built in jet thrusters.)
  4. Pyro shark (Has ability of dragon breathe,shower its enemies with Meteor storm and takes flight. )
  5. Natasha The Narwhal (It can eat Javelines with Javelen toss and caches prey on its tusk.)
  6. Ghost shark (Ghost is invinsible against damages and passes through walls thanks to its ectoplasm nature.)
  7. Sharkleon (it can steel other shark's abilities using mimic.)
  8. Wereshark shat-shifts into a wolf, Hyper speed and slows down the prey during moon rush.)

About modified shopping section  - 

This hack mod android game have lot of coins as well as gems to use to purchased some exciting and exclusive equipment
 for your selected shark from the shopping section provided in it.Every single shark and their different types of attachments can be brought
 form there. players also can upgrade their sharks by using limitless money provided in this mod.Whenever,a equipment will be attached to your shark. it will
increase hunting speed, defense and as well as attacking ability of your selected monster.However, you can also upgrade your predator's 
swimming speed,health power,boosting rates,breathing rates by spending given amount of money.Other sills like diving time and bite force will
increase automatically with improve in oxygen storage capacity and attacking abilities respectively.But, size of the shark will rise only with increase
 of game level,you can't use tricks for large the size of your shark. 

Some people often like paint their sea monsters.Unfortunately, coloring option isn't available their.but, there is a clothing section in shop.In
which players can put some clothes, hats,crowns,watches,goggles as well as gold jewellery to change the looks of your predator.Some baby sharks 
are also ready to join you if  you wants to prey with them in largest ocean of this game.

list to attachments than can be brought.  

  1. Shark eek pack 2020
  2. Bat baby
  3. Assassin shark
  4. Baby pirate
  5. Nancy
  6. Pyro baby
  7. Electro baby
  8. Alien baby
  9. Maeiachi baby
  10. Robo baby
  11. Astronaut baby 
  12. Lava baby
  13. Baby kraken
  14. King baby
  15. Zephyr baby
  16. Fez
  17. Top hat
  18. Laser
  19. Missile Launcher
  20. Baseball cap
  21. Flat cap
  22. Punk wig
  23. Cowboy hat
  24. Sombrero
  25. Crown
  26. Skipper hat
  27. Paddy hat
  28. Uncle Sam hat
  29. Bunny ears
  30. Witch hat
  31. Santa hat
  32. Monocle
  33. Moustache
  34. Eye patch
  35. Dog collar
  36. Fgold chain
  37. Shark Vortex
  38. Crab Fork
  39. Necklace
  40. Bow Tie
  41. Gold ring
  42. Diomand ring
  43. Safety pin
  44. Bone pierching
  45. Price tag
  46. Cloaking Device
  47. Jetpack
  48. Firework
  49. Titanic ticket
  50. Shark signal 2 
  51. Treasure Map
  52. Blood bath
  53. Basic map 
Their are lot of beaches in the big open world of this game.On which you can hunt humans and become a man eater. There are several ships,boats and mines for extra adventures. You can also use jetpack to fly high above the sky to collect coins and to destroy aeroplanes. There are some poisonous species as well as military submarines that may harm you and away from mines also. Now, enjoy your unlimted money hack in your smartphone.