Beach buggy Racing hack Mod with unlimited money Modified Apk file download link and review

Name :-  Beach Buggy Racing.

Size :-  79.0 MB.

Modified Resources :- Unlimited Gold,Gems and all Cars and Heroes are unlocked in it.

Errors :- None.

Name and definitions of unlocked Characters.

  1. Rez (He doesn't talk too much. he lets his driving do the talking. he has a super power called Burning rubber. A fast bost with a fiery trail that makes your opponents stop, drop and roll.)
  2. MCskelly (A ghosty pirate lost at sea. he has a penchant for fast cars and treasure. he has a skill that can summon the ghosty power of Davy jones to drive thought cars and weapons. which is known as Ghost Ride.)
  3. Disco jimmy (Disco jimmy likes to race,dance and make romance. Not necessarily in that order. He has Dance fever. That can infect your opponents with the urge to boogie and then pass them while they were dancing. This alien always likes to play with his small fish.)
  4. B'Zorp (His alien powers are out of this world. He also loves TV sitcoms from the 80's.  he locks on to a target ahead of you and zorps you into their place. which happen because of Telezorp.)
  5. Oog-oog (A powerfull tiki sorcerer and a fierce opponent. he also makes a mean smoothie. he call upon the power of Tiki gods to confuse and confound the other racers. I always seeing him selling juices.)
  6. Benny (his Benny suit is mystery. What isn't a mystery is how long its been since he washed it. He is famous as a Carrot cannon. A rapid-fire barrage of exploding giant carrots. He also looks like a big pink rabbit thanks to its dress. who always chewing carrots with his tooth.)
  7. El zipo (quick like a tiger, this tittle luchador is full of surprises. Rumor says he can flip a whole car. he got a tag called off the ropes in fight. A series of high power wrestling moves that makes the toughest racers see stars. His face can scare you because he always wear tiger mask on it and has a habbit to gave horror expressions.)
  8. Leilani (When not racing Leilani enjoys tattoos, surfing flowers, rainbows, unicorns, glitter and world peace. he has flower power . Don't be fooled by these beautifull blossoms. they will stop you in your tracks. She is very beautyfull women wearing shots and always ready for surfing with her surfing boat.)
  9. Beach Bro (he doesn't  get why other racers are so uptight. he always tell them to chill out and have fun while racing dudes. he is also known as Ball blaster. Because, he can bounce your opponents high into the sky with a torrent of beah balls in race. He always likes to sleep near to the beach by covering his eyes with his big hat. he is very cool minded charactors.) 
  10. Roxie Roller ( A roller derbly riot grri. She is a tough opponent on any kind of wheels. By using Derby Dash she can crack your Knuckles and then put your head down and smack the other drivers to the rails. he is a young Boxer girl. who always practicing with punching bag by wearing skating shoes.)