The Rail Rush hacked Mod game download link and overview


Mod Game Name:- The Rail Rush Mod Apk.

apk Size:- 51.27 MB.

Mod Hack features:- Unlimited Gold coins,Tickets and all Maps are unlocked to buy by using Limitless Tickets. Same Me option is also available while Player face zero health by using its features.

Value of Modified Items :- it contains 16,77,725 tickets and 1342177771 gold coins with Fifteen Heroes and eleven Premium maps. In which all premium Shopping items are also included.


Name of unlocked heroes in Mod Rail Rush android hack game.

  1. Twinblade San.
  2. Juliebrave Heart.
  3. Slowdown Pets.
  4. Nedbat basher.
  5. Slasher fury.
  6. Captain nemo.
  7. Doctor prop.
  8. Dino killer.
  9. Sandy sultan.
  10. Pancho bomba.
  11. Ace ups leave.
  12. Axel fire chief.
  13. Charles long shot.
  14. Baryl plank buster.
  15. Bob mole chaster. (Default hero character)

Unlocked Premium map names of this android's Mod game.

  1. Old mines.
  2. Zombie caves.
  3. Best deal.
  4. Sweet wonderland.
  5. Snow lands.
  6. Horror lands.
  7. Steam factory.
  8. Amazonic world.
  9. Under sea world.
  10. Jurassic jungle.
  11. Pharaoh's Tomb.

Description about it:- 

 The original apk game doesn't contain Lot of fun due to some restrictions. And you should have to buy all premium features to create entertainment in your life with this game which is also available on the internet also. Because, only some of maps and a single default character is their to use in gameplay. Which often makes players bored after few days of game play and they also haven't sufficient balance to afford premium features to buy to boost their fun.

On the other hand, It seems that players really prefer to get mod of rail rush instantly, whenever they wants to play with it due to unlocked all premium features which I also mentioned in the details field of this Mod apk. They wants to play with multiple worlds and also with multiple characters by using Should items like New rail Roads, bombs, mega breaks, double coins collector etc. To enhance their happiness.

My personal opinion about this Mod game.

Me also suggested you to always used to download Mod game rather than original APks in your device. Because paying with  same feature and only a single map isn't a good idea to create your game more interesting for long time. There may be chances to miss your opportunity to win levels fast and it also may be time consuming to play Rail rush original file.

But , you can see that The Modified version of rail rush which I shared you in the below green button contain Limitless money. So, you shouldn't have to start from zero. I think it can puts you 3 months forward in game playing. Because In this game your all the levels are already unlocked by The Modified game creator to help the players to complete their personal desires of buying all premium features of this mod game with Almost one crore gold coins and Tickets.

Full Guide For Mod Rail Rush Hacked game file:-

How to play it correctly and more interestingly.

Thanks to the mod Designers because, The gameplay of it is quite simple and understandable. You already have almost limitless coins and tickets in this game to play it with more excitement by buying its Top features. The tickets are used to buy New maps, characters and other top featured items. Otherwise, you can also buy items using coins if they are not included in premium category. Coins are also help full to buy Tickets if you already spend them on shopping items.

You have to simply select the Three days trial button to get your desired item by spending 3 tickets only. To buy the maps of the game you have to click on play button, then a select your world option will be opened automatically. When it opened in your device screen simply flip your mobile screen from right to left to select other map. If the map is not available for playing you can buy it permanently or just for 3 days as a trial by using both coins and tickets. The coins option will be hided only for premium items. But, don't worry, you have lot of tickets to used on them.

Downloading and installation process.

  1. Click on below buttons that I provide you to share my Mod game apk.
  2. Then you will  see google drive email selection box automatically.
  3. Then choose your google gmail address to access my shared file directly from google drive.
  4. Your downloading will be started after that.
  5. When your downloading will be completed.
  6. Then click on install button which will be appear on screen.
  7. It may take few seconds and don't  about it because this game have No errors or Bugs in this version.
  8. If you their is no installation option will a per on screen then, Go to downloads option in your device and search for downloaded file to access it.