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This Official mod apk contain limitless coins and Gems to buy weapons and other shop items in this android game.

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This game is created on the idea or a story of a shadow warrior. Actually The shadow was a Great man before he goes to half die by some mysterious powers. Lets explain this.

The worrior went on a long journey to find Historical powers to improve their abilities in the fights with samurai. After a long research he found a gate of shadows. By which he could be able to get those powers that he wants. But, when he opens the large ancient gate some Silent powers attack on the man then they started to remove the every small particle of his skin using their air power and speed. He felt just like a dry sand front of the wind. The accident happens within few seconds. This scene of the game is my favorite and Horror scene.These powers remove totally Skin of the men and only shadow of the men left behind.

Now,The man try to take his revenge from mysterious powers by start finding them. In that time The Man who is only just a black shadow Learn some Marcile arts techniques from a master and used them against the bad ones and start protecting people from bad or evil souls by fighting with them in the tournaments.

By winning the tournaments You are able to upgrade your shadow skills,strengths and weapons.But this is Unlimited money Hack Mod game for android so you don't need to do so many efforts to upgrade your levels.we also provide lot of money,Gold coins and gems to play your dream levels of this game.

we found that game only for you to add some extra fun with your android game.This game is Made for ultimate fun because of its amount of money which is truly working.

My Review on it:-

I am so excited when I have to fight with the box of evils. Because of challenge to kill him. We have to complete the game by killing 13 evil shadows which released in an accident by our main character. I didn't like to fight with random characters of the game. Its so boring to fight with same souls repeat and repeat. It totally sucks. I think that its developers had to upgrade it with new interesting features.

I love Actions of our hero in the fight with others. I am also fascinated by the graphics and resolutions include in its file. But, Their are not any option given by its team to choose custom settings of its graphics qulaity. They only game the access to limited features like Music,Fax and sensitivity can be customized only. This Also sucks. Otherwise, its doesn't matter in this game. Because, we can play it in any old and new version android smartphone smoothly without adjusting its visuals. its small file size gave us accessibility to play it in Mobiles with less feature also. Its doesn't lag or hang your device due to zero errors.

This action fighting game contain a great fights in it. While you are choosing weapons to use on your opponents. Believe me, their are lot of options for you. Players can use sword, Bamboo sticks, Knifes and other weapons against his opponent to defeat him. Player required lot of skills to fight which he can collect by learning mode. Their are more than 600 skills in this game to perform. 

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