Euro truck driver Mod Game hacked version with unlimited money review and download or share link.

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Mod items :- 41 premium trucks are unlocked in it. Unlimited Money Hack Mod game apk. Vast open world with more than 70 cities.

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My review on Its Mod game play :-

This mod is built for 6.0 to up to latest version of Android devices. This game is not suits in weak devices due to its high resolutions and ultra graphics quality. Otherwise, their are always options available to reduce its quality in Mod settings. By using them you can easily switch it from ultra to low then low to smooth. I suggest you to use High mode to experience it better.

In this Mod company unlocked every premium trucks for players and 41,503,446 amount of dollars to buy official trucks. You can also spend it on its upgrades and customization also. In the customization field their are lot of items that you can put on your truck like Bumpers, Tyres , we el cups and custom plates also available their to create your own design of truck.

Their are different trucks of different companies for different purposes. Some are made for heavy loads while some are only for light weight shippings. The subcategories of them are off road and industrial trucks. In which 4×4, 6×6 wheel vehicles are more popular than 2×2 because they are only make to toe loads inside the city only on plan roads. If you wants to carry heavy loads on off roads in hilly areas then I recommends you to use at least 4×4 model of heavy duty trucks.

In the gameplay, you have to make a visit on garage to find some jobs for your truck. Their are almost eight types of jobs are always available to due. In which, some are too short while other are too longer than 1000 km. After selecting your distance you should have to pick a trailer which you wants to deliver to that place. Keep in mind that, as vast distance as you choose you can expect much money as well.

Salery also depends on many other facters like The weight of cargo that you had choose to deliver. The path you had choose to deliver the package to its place. If you had choose a difficult path like offroad and hilly area then you can except more money from your Boss. By delivering Oil tanks you can get double money than random containers. Their are always 2 extreme jobs available which gave opportunity to players to earn 10 times better income from their work. In first job you should have to complete your mission in the given time and in second job the boss gave you a dare to deliver a chemical tanker without any damage.

Your gaming experience will also boost as much as jobs you will complete in this game. Which will be help full to unlock truck's upgrades in future. Multiplayer nod is also available to boost some extra fun with your friends by join then online in this Mod.

Setting instructions of this Mod apk.

Their are three main sterling options in this apk. I suggest you to choose Auto rotation with screen because it provide more control than random buttons and steering option. If your device is expensive so, don't worry about any such lagging problem you can play it with ultra quality. If you have random device then please select low quality of graphics to play it smoothly without any harm to your mobile.

4×4 trucks are more powerful and provides more control than 2×2 vehicles. 6×6 Trucks are too longer and often responsible to create trouble on turnings and their are also chances to lose control on this category of trucks while speed across its limits.

My personal opinion :-

I hardly suggest you to play this mod once in your life to explore a truck driver's life. I am so thankful to its developers to develop it for us with ultra HD graphics. By this game I am able to enjoy driving I'm the open world of this game.

Thanks to the person who Modified it and put unlimited Money in this Android Mod game file for players. Which are also helpful to get trucks without doing so hard in this apk.

Important Note :-

Please decompress the Obb file before copy/paste it in the Android/obb file's folder. Then install your apk file to enjoy your Mod.